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24 Jan 2017 23:29:24
Oviedo and Gibson now! If Oviedo didn't have such a bad injury record I would be excited by it. Gibson coming in at least adds options in midfield. That's if the rumours are true.

Also heard ARCA may be getting a first team coaching role at Sunderland. Any thoughts?

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26 Jan 2017 17:51:58
FTM, Arca was loved by our fans, and would do a better job than Bracewell. I would settle for him coming in as left back!

26 Jan 2017 18:18:31
Would be awesome if he was able to come back and play. While we are at it let's get Quinn and Phillips back as well haha

27 Jan 2017 10:17:02
Agree, happier times then, while we are at it ask Peter Reid to come and sort us out.

27 Jan 2017 20:54:52
Haha yes to all of the above

24 Jan 2017 21:07:15
Just watched Joe devines video regarding our finances. It is worth a watch on YouTube for anyone who has the time. Eye opening and quite worrying to say the least

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24 Jan 2017 13:38:48
Welcome Joelean
Osman next
Followed by Keane
All frees

PVA, borini and khazri going?

Who are the wild cards that will make any difference?

I keep saying keep the faith, but I am starting to worry as the other teams around us look to be playing football!

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24 Jan 2017 16:28:07
PVA can't defend! Good riddance especially for that much money. Borini has been garbage since he has come back and if he isn't gunna use khazri may aswell cash in on him. Lescott will hopefully just be cover but can't be any worse than what we have. We are going down just accept it and we can rebuild in the summer with hopefully a new owner.

24 Jan 2017 21:27:28
I feel we should be running out to the dads army theme tune. Would be more in keeping with our team of Everton has been. Club a joke had enough no more season tickets for me

26 Jan 2017 12:05:57
Just heard robbie Keane has turned us down he got a better offer from Penshaw over 35s!

22 Jan 2017 09:39:30
Heard today the club have Patrick viera lined up - can anyone confirm this is as manager or another moyes special as a player!
If it is as a player - it could work as he might be better at pinging balls up to our man mountain of a centre forward (Defoe)

Also rumoured we a looking at Robbie Keene - can't believe this is true - there must be some shorter players with less presence, pace and power we can add - more like Pinear!

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22 Jan 2017 10:11:49
It is as manager mate. Do you have something against Defoe or am I just misreading your post. I also agree with the way we play with him on the pitch is pathetic but surely that is not his fault?

22 Jan 2017 12:22:36
AGREE 100% - just think if we continue with him leading the line on his own all that will happen is he will score 20 goals and we will go down - it is unfair to expect him to out muscle central defenders yet our only game plan is hitting balls up to him - so we either need to change our game plan or change him. that's why I believe anichebi in front of or along side defoe would be my preferred option - and a swap deal for lense with emineke could make sense as cover for anichebi- even jagyellka and lescott could work if dillibodgy moves to left back and van arnholt moves to left midfield- that way we get to keep defoe and give him the support he needs and add some presence to our defence. but if these options aren't taken then I would rather sell defoe and add some power and presence up front than sell van arnholt - replace him pretty much like for like, and then continue doing what we are doing now.
moyes should have taken mvilla rather than the 2 Manchester United lads at the start of the season and we might have been able to hold our own rather than struggling everytime we come up against a bit of size.
So I think our problems are deep rooted and defoe is the solution - we either get him support or we sell him and change - but we can't just expect him to lead the line!

23 Jan 2017 00:28:46
Viera? well I think Micky Mouse or Donald Duck would be better than Moyes! lol I think the buck stops with the manager! Moyes can't motivate the players and remember Moyes bought in the players who are failing Bring in the kids as there's nothing to lose now! personally I think moyes will walk away!

23 jan 2017 09:53:20
perhapse if moyes signed peter reed, roy keene, gus poyet, paulo dichanio and steve bruce - we would have a chance of surviving - and they can't be that much older than robby keene!

24 Jan 2017 23:27:27
Lead the line? Anichebe out why not try the kid Maja he s big strong and would be a good foil for Defoe? we need to blood the kids! nothing ventured nothing gained we need to try some positive things but is Moyes capable of positive thinking?

21 Jan 2017 00:09:39
Hey lads been a while. Just been reading some of the recent posts. While I share some of the feelings people have about moyes, who do you suggest we get in? Who will come at this stage. Who is available?

As for people suggesting we sell Defoe as 'he makes everyone else ineffective' are you sure? Why not play to our strengths we are blessed to have him and most clubs down the bottom envy us having him. How about selling borini (who is garbage by the way) and by a winger who can feed Defoe. I love anichebe but to say he should start central ahead of Defoe is ludacrous considering anichebe goal record. How about pairing them upfront together.

What I am getting at is that the personal are there to make this the competitive, Moyes just needs to open is eyes to the truth. 4-4-2. Injuries haven't helped either. Love to hear your opinions guys.


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21 Jan 2017 13:17:23
I think the main problem is, with him in the team we play in an utterly stupid way. We hit 60yard high balls at him which he rarely if ever gets to as he's a foot shorter than everyone around him. If he wasn't there? We'd have to do something else I guess, also if we get relegated he goes for a free which is also bad for us.

It's a really tough position, when he plays with a tall guy he's got much more space and is a lot more effective, without that tall guy to help hold up the ball most of our attacks fail. We just don't seem to have another idea of how to attack.

21 Jan 2017 18:54:42
Moyes is TOO negative agree 4-4-2 is the answer as i'd rather go down fighting than with a whimper and can someone tell me how playing 3 at the back is designed to shore up our leaky defence? can't and never will understand Moyes tactics and the players seem confused too! simple fact is they don't want to play for this negative manager!

21 Jan 2017 20:58:25
i didn't know George Honeyman was in the last 6 months of his contract and many other clubs here and in Europe are looking to sign him up cheap! this is typical of how this club is so badly run the likes of Honeyman should have been given a long term contract a long time ago . it saddens me to see from board room to management and training how this club has went downhill so fast and senior players who can't be bothered to wear the shirt with pride are giving preference to upcoming talent like George!

22 Jan 2017 01:04:25
wyndrusher you are right we play in a daft way with Defoe but that doesn't mean he is surplus like many suggest. Moyes needs to wake up and play properly and keep the ball on the floor or change formation and partner him with big Vic!

Stokoe I didn't realise that about honeyman if (when) we go down I believe him and gooch could play a massive part in that season so it is imperative we keep a hold. A wouldn't mind a look at viera if Moyes leaves in the summer like.

22 Jan 2017 01:33:53
I would bring in Gary rowett if he is sacked which I don't know will happen because was can't afford to sack him. The team needs to take responsibility it's one of the worst teams I've seen in the prem. The owner has been to naive and gave money to absolute idiots. I've accepted that we are down as there are no teams worse then us. I don't know where out next win is coming from. I would bet rowett and build for the championship. He knows the league very well and did well with no money and burton and Birmingham. He'll have a little bit to spend and we'll be an attractive option for top championship players. Hopefully we won't go down but if we down hopefully we voice straight back. Moyes is finished.

22 Jan 2017 03:45:15
I'm not in any way saying he's surplus, I'm saying with him in the team we always play the same way, which is stupid long balls which he rarely if ever gets. In that case what use is he? He can't score, he can't create, he can't DO anything. At least when he's playing with someone who can bring the ball down and get it to his feet he can really help the team. That's the issue though, defoe is a to foot player, which we'll never play without someone up with him. Which we rarely if ever do as we've no decent midfield to get the ball too him, usually because our defence can't get it to the midfield, thus the eternal longball tactic.

If we're going to partner him up every game sure he's probably one of the best forwards in the league, without though he becomes practically useless which is completely unfair to him. Also since we're always playing route one, it's insanely easy to defend against, we need options, variety and logic, none of which are available when they play the hoof it to defoe tactic 24/ 7.

22 Jan 2017 10:10:03
Have to agree with you wyndrusher but again that is the coaching team who need to wake up and change the way we play.

SAFC77 I am also expecting tovgo down this summer and I do like the possibility of rowett or even give Stockdale a bigger role? The players have nothing but praise for Stockdale so may be a man they fight fight for on the pitch.

My fear is that we will again have no money to attract the big players we need in the championship and we will find it hard to get rid of the big wages. (Oshea, borini, larsson) as a can't see anyone wanting them.

22 Jan 2017 12:48:49
The backroom staff must be dropping the ball entirely, both coaching and physio. Do you remember a few seasons ago when almost every injury was the same knee one? That was training ground injuries every single time. Though to be honest even with their terrible coaching, the players are more at fault. Take O'shae, how many years has he played? The last few games he's looked like he's just learning to defend for the first time, he doesn't communicate, doesn't help setup the defence and it's costing us badly. The others are pretty much as bad it's just unreal and they need to be gotten rid of, we need a total clear out of most of the first team and the coaching staff. If/ when we go down an entirely fresh start so that we can have a team again. There's no ethos to the team, no unity, no understanding and certainly no pride. When we go down we'll lose defoe straight off the bat and I wonder who else has relegation release options in their contracts.

22 Jan 2017 16:23:35
Defoe, Pickford, PVA, Borini, kirchoff, maybe catts will all definitely be away. Which is a shame but maybe you are right maybe we need a whole sale clear out.

I would like to keep gooch, watmore (should be up top when he returns) and McNair as he will develop in the championship. Gives us a nice foundation to move forward

10 Jan 2017 15:37:58
Being a Sunderland suporter during the transfer window is soul destroying - the board say we can't afford to bring in new players but the reallity is we can't afford not to - we need new blood of premier league quallity and we need it fast - yet all we get are excuses - being relligated will cost far more than a couple of players! - if he hasn't got the money Ellis Short needs to find an investor who has.

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10 Jan 2017 16:03:12
It's not the transfer fees that's the issue, it's the wage cap. We can't pay more wages than we are, we can't even bring our loan players back as we'd be in trouble with the FFP rules. Unless we sell someone or short manages to jiggle the books a bit we're really screwed due to year after year of patching a team that has made a mess of it entirely. We can't risk point deductions, or transfer embargos or even at the worst automatic relegation.

10 Jan 2017 18:25:24
so shift a few to make room - get rid on manquillo? - shift either Borini or Defoe - get rid of oshey / pinaer / larson - because they will all go when we get demoted - the point is we have to do something unless we believe these - guys will turn round our season - for me it is only madness to let Defoe go if we do not replace him - I would rather see Anicheby through the centre rather than out on the wing (to accommodate Defoe through the middle! ) - he would be more of a handfull for the centre halves than Defoe! - as much as I like Defoe, I believe the rest of our play is compromised because of him - If he could get the same number of goals as a secondary striker to Anicheby or similar then I would believe he was irreplacible - and we would get the best from Anicheby - What ever the whys and wherefors - we can't afford to go down without a fight - so only sell if we have a replacement - but to me we will only fail if we fail to act - because 20 goals from Defoe won't save us!

10 Jan 2017 21:39:35
Getting rid is all well and good, how though? Their wages alone make them entirely unattractive to other teams, then would we be able to replace them in time? As it stands we can't even get someone before we sell as we can't pay them till we see, it's a catch 22 our only option would be direct swaps, which would probably end up with us again paying part of their wages for the remainer of their contracts which we're still doing now for some who've left.
As for defoe, if we play 90% long balls to him he'll never amount to much, he's an entire foot shorter than most defenders. It's a stupid idea no matter how you spin it. Which makes it even more crazy that at least three managers have persisted with it. With a tall forward he at least gets near the ball more which is much better, as it stands though he's pretty much our only hope atm.

11 Jan 2017 09:59:38
Agree with what you say about Defoe - that's why I say play Anicheby in the Defoe role as Anicheby would be far more effective there - and if that means Defoe is then less effective as a secondary striker than say Borini (who is currently shoved out to the wings) - then sell Defoe - offers have been made and wages would be freed to bring in new blood -
Or alternativly we can just leave it as it is - let Defoe score 20 goals for us as the main target man - and still go down because the rest of our play is in effective!

11 Jan 2017 10:25:28
In Short what I am trying to say is Defoe in the main striker's role is a major asset infront of goal but a burden as to how the whole team play to accommodate him.

13 Jan 2017 11:15:04
Sunderland have no one else the team is rubbish and we all know that, we need a full middfield and one or two more strikers as well as 3-4 defenders but that takes money witch we don't have and never will have because elis short is wanting out of the club and is not going to spend much more on us

15 Jan 2017 00:41:14
Another inept performance against a poor Stoke team! the whole club is a joke! Moyes never uses the kids on the bench he needs to go now!

15 Jan 2017 13:44:00
I was appalled at the display yesterday against Stoke. How can you expect to win a Premier League game with two village idiots on your team Djilobodji and Love.

Borini should have been subbed at half time pathetic but would you want and Italian in the tranches when you need battlers

They are simply not good enough and who bought them Moyes.

Moyes must be sacked ASAP but it will not happen because of Bain and Short.

They did not even compete and I feel sorry for Januszai who is like a thoroughbred playing with selling platers

Short you poxy face give Sunderland back to the supporters and we will play Co Durham Lads who would walk to play for Sunderland and I can pick a team from the Northern league where my son plays

If you look at history the only time Sunderland have been successful a majority of the team were North East born 1973 70% of the squad was local

Get rid of all the foreigners who do not want to play for Sunderland and give local lads a chance who know what Sunderland mean to the local population would would give 110%

When I was leaving the premier concourse I noticed a portrait of Shack and Raich Carter what must they be thinking

04 Jan 2017 03:18:01
Fenerbahce will offer Sunderland Defender Gregory Van Der Wiel, and Striker Emmanuel Emenike for Jeremain Lens.

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17 Nov 2016 23:54:29
I see M, villa is in talks to join us on loan for the rest of the season? and subject to us staying up in a permanent deal? well question is if that's true how much money are we going to pat Rubuen his club? is it Poundland negotiations again?

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30 Sep 2016 18:18:28
Hi eds

Any chance of allardyce going back to sunderland?

{Ed002's Note - No, that won't be happening DSG.}

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04 Oct 2016 23:27:36
More chance of Elvis signing for us lol . mind with the growing injury list Nial Quinn may be putting his boots on for us soon!

30 Aug 2016 12:22:26
So here we go again! Of course, club must be practically bankrupt- as reflected by a summer transfer season that has seen 17 players leave and only six arrive, but impact on first team squad is especially depressing. Three regular members of the team gone, three more with injuries that might keep them out till we are once again established at the foot of the table.

Only three first team players in - two on loan and the other on a one-year pre-retirement contract. And again desperately trying to find anyone who will come here at the last minute, when quality is poor and prices are highest. It can't be Moyes' fault, because he has not been here long enough and besides, we have seen it all before. But if you are a struggling team and you don't send clear messages that you intend to improve by making early and quality signings, then you can expect to be left scrambling for the players nobody else wants as the window closes.

Did not Sam tell us in June that the club would make sure that we were not in this position again? Maybe he would still be here if he had been able to make key signings at the beginning of the summer, instead of being made to wait till the end of season 'sale' of left-over stock!

Short has presided over so many false dawns that it is impossible to believe any real progress is possible till he goes. We are a poor side, with an even poorer administration- little wonder no-one wants to come here.

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30 Aug 2016 13:25:17
Totally agree, we are again a laughing stock of a club, no more excuses or complex reasons for this load of crap, the fans have been taken for fools once again!

30 Aug 2016 18:44:53
Agree to both above comments! the simple truth IMO is we aren't offering the sort of money the clubs or players want so its Poundland shopping again and as history has shown that's a recipe for relegation! what more annoying is that other so called big clubs like Stoke lol . cash spend vast sums on the quality of player that will keep them in the premiership! I feel sorry for Moyes as he's trying to sign these players but restricted by the penny pinching management of S. A. F. C . again as already said this club is a joke and run by people who don't care about the club and more importantly . THE SUPPORTERS . we deserve better!

30 Aug 2016 22:54:41
I see we are now after a French midfielder to replace Lens? so why do we find a replacement FIRST before we sold Lens? . AND does that mean Kone will now be transferred to pay for this Frenchman? . time will tell! We always do things back to front at this club!

29 Aug 2016 09:17:50
this might make light of the plight
Ellis Short ready to sell according to the Mirror

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29 Aug 2016 18:44:21
I hope he does Roker Roar because the club is £138 million in debt through his stupidity and the clowns he has surrounded himself with

Who would have Margaret Byrne as a Ceo, Hutchinson as a Commercial Director and the latest appointment Bain a former male model who is bald as a brick. What was he modelling hairpieces

The man is a laughing stock and the sooner he sells the better and he can be a recluse Short as he has always wanted.

30 Aug 2016 18:40:04
Just gets worse! Of those with an equally poor start, Palace, who have already strengthened thoughtfully added Loic Remy today, while Burnley took Bamford from Chelsea. Of those we expected to be scrapping at the bottom as the season progresses, 'Boro nipped in for Chamberlain, while Hull have signed Mason and Keane, as well as a GK Marshall, and Swansea have picked up Mawson- another player we were rumoured to have an interest in. Meanwhile we have failed to land taregets from Seville, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and God knows where else in the space of 12 hours! come the end of the season we may well be wondering why we let one of our more creative players and (given we have so few players who seem to know where the net is) someone we have to regard as a regular goalscorer and source of assists go out on loan before we had recruited anyone who could do either to replace him. Is there any chance we could send Short on loan to a Turkish club, or Bain to the Conference South.?
Does anyone manage the club's transfer strategy? Does the club even have a strategy, because there has been precious little evidence of one for a good six seasons now. The continuing failure of the club to match the passion and commitment of the supporters- either in the boardroom or on the field- is a disgrace.

30 Aug 2016 18:46:55
Good Riddance Ellis! I just wish a mega rich middle eastern football lover would buy the club ( like Man City) and bring the glory days back to this once famous club!

24 Aug 2016 22:49:54
Twitter Page have confirmed Javier Manquillo medical.

Wonder if moyes preferred him to Yedlin would of thought the same price tag or not far off for both players.

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18 Aug 2016 15:02:46
Whatever happened to Yann M'vila and DeAndre Yedlin? Are they coming, or what?

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19 Aug 2016 00:00:56
Now Kaboul is going! one has to question whether Kone and Kaboul would have stayed if Big Sam was still here? do these players want to play under Moyes? and what is the real reason these players want to leave? . the timing of these players leaving is embarrassing! we as a club are becoming a laughing stock! whos next to leave Defoe? and where are the players ere promised?

19 Aug 2016 10:13:11
Yedlin to Villa for £3 million? why can't we do that?

20 Aug 2016 09:48:55
Kaboul leaving is not for football reasons, his child has been ill for a while now and he's made the decision to return to London so his child can get the care they need. as for m'villa, personal terms are agreed and as good as signed, however His club want £6mil for a player who's contract runs out at Christmas, so Sunderland feel £6mil is a bit pricey for a player they could sign for free in less than 6 months. and onto kone, notes wants him to stay and feels he is a key member of the defence (which he so obviously is) however, he wanted to sort out new players coming in before offering a new contract as he believed Kone was willing to wait until the window rubbish to get a new contract, his hand has now been forced by Everton and the contract has been offered (something around £50,000 a week) now the choice is with Kone.

20 Aug 2016 10:49:05
M'vila is apparently on a pre-contract for Jan, hopefully they'll realise that some money now is better than none in Jan.

As for Yedlin, hopefully they're still working towards him, however it seems since we've tried for a few (allegedly) so who knows at this point. 11 days left or so, we need a good 4 players shesh never easy being a Sunderland fan.

23 Aug 2016 18:31:20
lol this must be a joke Yedlin , he's in newcastle now having a med that just tells us all we are penny pinching club its the same every season paper talk nothing else we never sign the players we link with the best is still to come yet lens sold on thursday, kone next then we sign some bloke from championship for a mil roll on this season top 10 lol.

12 Aug 2016 00:02:50
Apparently we now hear Kone has submitted a written transfer request? . if that's true then Moyes and Short have a lot of explaining to do towards the fans as Kone has indicated he was promised a new contract at the end of last season! if this is true i'm just amazed at the TOTAL lack of ambition at this club! and the fact Moyes dosent think or identify Kone as a good enough player to keep? . tottaly ridiculous!

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12 Aug 2016 00:52:16
True however put some perspective on it stokoe. Kone still has another 3 and a half year leftnon his current contract. It is his and/ or agents greed that have pushed Sunderland into a lose/ lose corner.

Give him a contract and show the rest of the squad that player power is rife and wins or refuse him the contract and get a replacement in with the fee. Unfortunately it is easy to blame short for this and he will share the blame but sadly Kone has totally lost my respect for this.

No one is bigger than the club and we will move on from this. No footballer should think they warrant a new contract consideringnhow much money they are on on the first place. Sad times if player power trumps our club.

12 Aug 2016 13:20:29
Moyes has said he'll be offered one on the 1st of September, whether that's good enough for Kone is still to be seen. It'd be financial suicide to offer him one during the transfer window as sign on fees usually are in the millions for player and agent. Especially suicidal if he leaves before the window closes anyway. I honestly don't understand why he was even offered one in the first place, 4 years his contract was and it was good enough for him to come last year, it does smack of greed *shugs*. We will see what we see I guess.

12 Aug 2016 23:32:12
Strange one this? looks after Moyes interview that Kones agent is trying to get his player more wages! typical agents greed! . IMO I think that if Kone wants to remain at this club he will sign! if not good riddance! . I thought Moyes was quite honest in his Press conference! quite impressed actually!

13 Aug 2016 01:24:09
It stinks of a greedy agent. I would kindly thank Everton for their offer, refuse it, and play Kone in the reserves. I don't think he could handle that for 3 1/ 2 years! And tell his stinking agent not to come within 20 miles of Sunderland ever again!

13 Aug 2016 02:11:16
Safcwill if you believe the agent is to blame why would you play our best cb in reserves? Players trust their agent and will follow their advice. You can't punish Kone for doing what every other player does. Advise him to cha he his agent however. STOKOE is right if he wants to be here he will be simple as that let's just see what happens.

13 Aug 2016 10:48:04
Agree FTM! if he wants to leave let him go! . but try and get as much for him as we can! . I still think £18 million is peanuts in the current transfer rate! I also hear he's going to be fined? which is good, shows Moyes won't accept one player is bigger than the club!

13 Aug 2016 14:18:25
I am shocked that we are ready to accept only 18m which is a joke.

16 Aug 2016 12:29:40
Can someone explain WHY Moyes is selling Kaboul to Watford? crazy decision .?

16 Aug 2016 16:14:07
I am sick and fed up of Moyes and General Noriega facial complexion Short

The club is being run like a corner shop and Short being the recluse he is (Is he a recluse because of his bad complexion) needs to go back to Hawaii and his big council house and sell our club.

Moyes is simply not up to it as was proved by his tactical mistakes last Saturday.

he has signed two spotty faced kids from Manchester United who are way out of their class which was proved.

I hope Sunderland supporters turn against Short and being the coward / recluse he is he will sell and get rid of him and Moyes

Moyes was told to get Yedlin and Mvila but he has messed about and now he is going to sell our two centre halfs who are the bedrock of the team

This is all going to end in tears and Short needs to go NOW.

16 Aug 2016 20:04:47
Doberman I can't understand why Moyes is trying to dismantle Big Sams team? although every new manager has his new ideas about players etc but why sell Kone and Kaboul? paticullaly when we are so short of players to start with and we are left with the likes of OShea Jones Which nobody wants and even Van Anholt under Moyes has started his season with many worrying mistakes he made last season! its a major concern he is now aware of who the good players are, and he will face the wrath of the fans if he doesn't get his act together very soon, ill give him till the end of the window to get players in but rememeber these new players have to settle in!

17 Aug 2016 09:12:35
Your dead right lad about that. Also Provident Loans (Satsuma) are a new partner of Sunderland.

This is a company who loan £1000 and the interest is £914.90.These are poor people who take these loans so this is great publicity.

The former head barman Gary Hutchinson has negotiated this presumably with the blessing of the former male model who is as bald as a brick Martin Bain now Ceo

This is a utter disgrace just like the Mags with Wonga Wonga and again shows the idiots like Short who are running this club.

17 Aug 2016 20:47:36
Another reason why Short is only interested in the money the Premiership gives him and NOT in the football side of the club!

10 Aug 2016 14:10:11
Hey lads been a while! Been quietly watching the transfer developments with depressing feelings. If None does indeed move (agent has said he wants a new contract) it will be devastating for us. Also not sure Naismith is the answer upfront surely a squad player if true?

If Donald love comes too Sunderland does that mean yedlin is a totally dead in the water transfer!

Finally will someone at our club please just pay the money for mvila for god sake.

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10 Aug 2016 12:52:19
januzai on his way to safc on loan source manchester news. a bit of brightness comes our way.

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10 Aug 2016 14:07:08
Will be interesting to see if he does come how will his behaviour be? A lot of united fans are saying they glad he is going due to his awful attitude.

10 Aug 2016 00:00:54
John Stones (bit of a liability) £47.5 million. Lamine Kone (solid) £18 million (rumoured) . Yet again the selling club willing to help out our premier league opponents, shame on us. When will our club ever learn how to hold onto our best players.

For me personally Kone along with Defoe are first names on team sheet as you know your going to get consistent performances. Along with our yet again disappointing recruitment, we as Sunderland fans have to sit back and watch our best players sold off for what in the current market looks like peanuts. To say I as well as many other red and whites will be disappointed is an understatement.

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10 Aug 2016 11:11:41
Why is it we can sell Kone for £20 million and not afford the likes of Fellini, Benteki at £25-30 million? there's no ambition at this club. and I hear there's a "Keep Kone " petition with the Sunderland Echo? well let's start a Short go now petition!?

10 Aug 2016 14:21:37
Well said stokoe. Short seems to be the common denominator in everything negative at sunderland. I have said it would be awful selling kone although we may have unearthed a very good player with that Chelsea lad coming in. (I'm trying to be optimistic here) desperately need a striker in this window and a good right back not sure donald love fills that void. Surely yedlin at five million is a steal in a very inflated transfer window.

10 Aug 2016 16:46:57
Yes FTM can't understand the Yedlin situation! obviously Moyes doesn't fancy him? at least Januzai looks like he's on his way abeit loan. apparently the player himself wanted a permenant transfer but at least we have him for a year . now where have we heard that before in the loan market here! lol.

10 Aug 2016 16:48:50
Short has to come out and say where he is taking this club . I've never know a football chairman say so little! . the silence is deafening . time to hand over the club to someone with ambition Ellis!

10 Aug 2016 18:54:45
Typical to get januzai for a year then if he performs man u will either price us out of a permanent move or block any sale. Bloody typical! With my small knowledge on the grand scale of football I could show more ambition and footballing nowse than ellis! Can't understand why a man would own a football club and not care for that said club.

10 Aug 2016 20:51:03
General Noriega pineapple complexion Mr Short has to go. He is a recluse so go and hide yourself away at your council house in Hawaii and sell the club to someone with ambition

I am sick and tired of his corner shop mentality and there must be potential owners out there.

It is a disgrace selling our best players to Everton when they have an old decrepit stadium unlike Sunderland and they can buy our best players.

So go now Short and take Moyes with you.

10 Aug 2016 23:42:59
Dobermann, although I totally agree with you regarding short I do believe Moyes, given the right funds could do very well for sunderland. It is sickening seeing teams like wolves being taken over and having money pumped in. Even hull are nearing a takeover. Someone must surely be interested in us.

11 Aug 2016 08:51:29
They probably would be interested in us, however there's the small fact of the loan to pay back to Short which is worth more than the club. We're still a few seasons away from being a viable team in the premiership. How can Everton buy our best (put in a bid for that got rejected) player? Is it because of their old stadium? Or is it because they're always higher up the league that us, have a much more stable financial position, better income and less spending?

We got rid of some of our daft wage players this year, the rest will be gone next year, as long as we can survive in the premiership for a few more seasons things will improve. We just don't have the money to throw at players as we don't have the financial base to support it. Also remember the pound is devalued right now so foreign players cost more than they did, we're still not an attractive place in terms of the premier league, or europe. There's a lot more we have to do, chucking Short out considering he's ploughed in well over 300 million and has yet to make a penny from us is a bit of a bad idea until and unless someone way richer can come in and bankroll us. Even then it'd take years still before we can afford to pay the best players anywhere near what they'd want.

11 Aug 2016 23:09:31
That's a fair comment but WHY doesn't Short come out and tell the fans what he is planning? the lack of communication between the board and the supporters could be a lot better?

12 Aug 2016 13:18:10
Why can he say exactly? He's said every season that he wants us to progress up the league and try for Europe. As it stands we've had a succession of try hard managers who've in turn screwed the pooch season upon season, culminating in Sam's England daydream which again screwed this transfer window. Will Moyes even last till Jan? For now we've managed to survive, gotten rid of some of the dead wood, though we're still a season or so of getting rid/ retiring the last of them. What progress can we honestly make? I hear everyone yelling top 10 like it's something that's so easy, me I'd take 16th, at least it's an improvement and hopefully not a full on relegation fight. We've improved in some areas, though the team is still woefully thin in a lot of positions, still only one left back, one right back who's not the best at all and a dire need for creativity. You can see the framework of what we need just looking at our first team, you can tell where and what positions we need to fill, the plan is obvious though hard to implement.

Fill spots we need while attracting players that improve what we have. This is majorly hampered by our continual brushes with relegation, a wage bill that's still daft though improving, a devalued pound so even foreign players are costly and the sad fact we're far away from London.

The plan is simple, implementing it is hard.

09 Aug 2016 23:36:25
Hello fellow disappointed. Yet again we seem to have a player on our hands (Lorik Cana, Stephanie Sessegnon) and look like we're going to cash in for what in the current game looks like peanuts. I'm talking about Lamine Kone if you hadn't already guessed.

I do think Moyes was the only man available to us to replace Big Sam and do believe he will get it right for us, however his first two major decisions seem to be signing a player who played less than a minute for Chelsea and his price rose four fold, then selling a defender who had arguably the best defensive stats from January to May in the league for three times more than we paid. However if Stones (who was a liability at times last season, even ask the Everton fans.

Agree0 Disagree0

12 Aug 2016 22:56:38
No mate player power is a FACT you look at all the players who try this it's all ways the same force a move me I would let him see he's contract out on the bench but that won't happen players will always win any way why would you want him? 16 games and he's the best player that's been here really lol.

01 Aug 2016 11:01:33
Not a lot of posts on here these days which is disappointing.

The concerning thing for me is not just how the FA have dismantled our pre season but the lack of progress since DM joined us. Does this point to Big Sam not having targets in place or DM simply not liking the ones that SA did have?

The out of contract players and coupe who have been sold are not an issue to me. Two of the four loan players are not an issues either. Yedlin and M'Vila are however. These leave our first team (without injuries) weaker than where we finished last season. The fact that these have not been bought / replaced with alternates is very concerning.

The lack of new signing so close to season kick off is also worrying. Why do SAFC as a club always struggle to get deals over the line? Is this down to the club wanting long term structured payments?

The U21's (U23's as they now are) could now all be blooded fully which may or may not work. We shall see!

I think DM can bring stability to the club but new signings are desperately needed.

Agree0 Disagree0

08 Aug 2016 20:42:40
Well as it stands on 08/ 08/ 2016 one new signing from Chelsea who paid £3 million for him played one game and we pay £8 million

Why is it taking so long to get Mvila over the line. The lad will not be able to play straight away because he will not have match fitness

Also Yedlin is a must because if we start the season with Jones full back it is a disgrace.

Jones and O'Shea are surplus to requirements being two of the worst players I have ever seen at Sunderland

If it is again a horrendous start to the season Short is to blame and this is simply not good enough

Short is a recluse and I do not want a recluse as Sunderland owner.

He has never outlined his ambition for Sunderland we simply bump along and it is like Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Why does he not increase the shareholding to generate more revenue like other clubs ie Crystal Palace but nothing happens

I would prefer another American owner to Short and his name is Trump.

09 Aug 2016 10:28:17
I don't blame Short as he has put copious amounts of money into the club. Yes he made mistakes but that was his lack of football knowledge but he is trying to stabilise the club.

My concern now is the club even considering selling Kone to Everton. I know 200% + profit in six months is great but he is tried and tested and has bought into the club. If they sell him it will be a total disgrace!

There is no one at Everton I would take to replace him either so players coming the other way do not excite me either.

4 days to go and still only one signing . Why do we struggle to get deals over the line!

09 Aug 2016 13:10:30
It would be a shocking decision to sell Kone to Everton, hope these rumours are wrong, but nowt surprises me with this club, no ambition at all. Same old lame excuses every season consolidate this season and go for it next season, when will us fans ever learn.

09 Aug 2016 13:36:45
Rumours are saying Jagielka coming the other way, that's the 34 year old defender who was injured all of last season!

We have Pinnear on trial and other rumours are we scouted Naismith who was shocking at Norwich and could not get into the first team at Everton. Even if he did well against Blackburn that's bloody championship level not Premier League. He'd be another Danny Graham!

Club in disarray and I am contemplating asking for a refund on the 4 season tickets I have for me and my kids!

09 Aug 2016 16:40:05
Like a lot of fans can't belive what we are doing kone off after 6 mths can't blame the big man for juming ship must think not worth sticking around for a season to end up like the mags well here we go again.

09 Aug 2016 19:52:50
I Think Moyes will be finished with the supporters if he sells Kone for a paltry £18 MILLION? . ridiculous fee considering the amount of money we've spent on dross and the going rate in the premier league transfer average at the moment? he should be valued at double that and if we are to sell our best players then surely that will mean another season of struggle! paticullay when we are short of players to start with! again the supporters have been shafted by a chairmen whose NOT interested in the club! the club and Moyes in paticulaer should come out and say that he isn't for sale at any price? if not then Moyes doesn't know who our best players are and that is worrying!

09 Aug 2016 23:37:14
Im worried by the Links to Moyes prospective targets! Jaknelka,2 rookie Manchester United players? . £8 million for Naissmith a 29 year old who never set the premiership alight last season! What is Moyes on? . and the possible Kone sale? . whos next Kasri, Kirkoff or even Defoe? . he's dismantling the solid core of the team Big Sam built and kept us up last season! unbelievable is an understatement!

10 Aug 2016 09:28:17
After reading other reports I think the Kone rumours is his agent trying to get a better contract for him with us (Fingers crossed. Jagielka can stay at Everton as well!

I am also hopeful that the Naismith rumour is just lazy journalism as he would be an expensive Danny Graham. I couldn't believe what Norwich paid for him last January and he was then slated by all of their fans. Again, everything crossed this is just lazy journalism!

The Manchester United duo I would take though. Better than what we have, trained at Man Utd, young, and under Moyes who already knows them they could develop into good players. For the relatively small amount of money in the current climate they are worth a risk.

30 Jul 2016 22:52:25
The Telegraph is reporting that Moyes could be made manager over the weekend, after talks with him have gone well, they reort also that Sam has discussed with him where the team needs strengthening. For all concerned let's get this done and get some quality players in.

Agree0 Disagree0

30 Jul 2016 22:57:19
I like Moyes be good for the club bit of stability and actually his win record even at Manchester United was good he has a lot of experience and I like the fact he likes the kids, so the likes of Greenwood Robson, Beadling and Gooch will get a decent shout with him!

30 Jul 2016 19:15:25
Heard we're linked with Eduardo Salvio from benfica. £21M, seems a lot but three Portuguese leagues in a row must be decent enough to be an immediate starter. Desperate for us to sign somebody class, would be a statement of intent, and the club is lacking significantly in first team players up to the required standard of taking us away from annual relegation favourites.

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01 Jul 2016 20:59:56
Todays results must be down to a god with a red and white scarf around his neck. What a chance we have now, we don't really deserve it but if our players can give 100% in the coming few games we can escape. Think the Toon are gone but we must seize the chance to get at least a point tomorrow then beat Norwich, it is a situation that will define our clubs future as a premier league club. This is certainly our last chance to escape the drop. My nerves are in tatters in fact I've got diarrhoea, excuse me . must go, will post later.

{Ed007's Note - (rofl)

Agree0 Disagree0

02 Jul 2016 01:36:27
Well its July 1st and we are still no nearer any signings de ja vue? and the club won't pay M, villas £100,000 per week wage demands! is Ellis Short being frugal again?

06 Jul 2016 18:49:05
Bob, Iam not sure Yann M`vila is worth that kind of dough, but Ellis does not chuck money around does he? I am trying to be patient on signings but a little concerned, as our first pre-season is 14 days away. Hope the N`zogbia rumours are wrong, surely in heavens name Sam would not sign him, he was like a leper at Villa, a very expensive leper too, he would not be good for our club in my opinion. let's hope for better things to come.

07 Jul 2016 00:47:25
Well apparently now we can't afford £5 million for Yedlin that doesn't augur well and reminds me of last season. what on earth is Short doing with the vast funds avaible with the new TV deals? we see the likes of newly promoted clubs like Boro splashing out huge sums and we are AGAIN shopping at Poundlnad . Short has SHORT (excuse pun) memory of last season . we need a footballing owner!

07 Jul 2016 18:45:47
Is this reaally happeninng we r buyin santon ex newcastle and for £3.5 million yet we won't pay £5 million for yedlin?!?!?!

08 Jul 2016 00:33:33
and more important is Big Sam going to leave for the England job because he isn't given the funds at Sunderland? perhaps we should get rid of Short?

08 Jul 2016 22:16:06
Good news tonight is that we have pulled out of the deal for Santon. For me Yedlin is a better prospect and will get better with the right coaching, I am pretty sure most fans took to him last season. I wonder if 5 million is too high for Sunderland, what they think he is worth, if we dither too long we will miss out as usual. I understand N`zogbia has travelled to Austria training camp, sometimes I despair at our club.

08 Jul 2016 23:10:36
I think i'm like a lot of other Sunderland supporters are getting worried one by the lack of money avaible and secondly why are we messing about with players who lack quality? I think Ellis SHORT should come out and explain the transfer policy or simply GO and sell the club to someone who isn't interested in bringing this club forward! again a TOTal lack of ambition! again another relegation battle?

11 Jul 2016 22:37:24
I see Big Sam is getting worried about our teams lack of transfer activity? Is that a dig at Ellis Shorts frugal approach to the purse strings? . personnaly I think Short should either put up or get out as we can't have another relegation battle and itll be interesting if Big Sam gets the England job whether hell have a parting shot at the chairman . I think a lot of supporters are shooting their arrows at him already!

12 Jul 2016 19:42:34
Bob, I would prefer no transfer activity at all if the rumours are true we are interested in Danny Simpson. Google him and you will see he is no good for our club, another player with baggage who does more off the field than on it. He is a far cry from the kid we had on loan years ago, so I hope the reports are wrong.

12 Jul 2016 23:17:56
and it just gets worse because we dithered with mvilas club over a permanent transfer Everton now have come in for him I just don't believe this club at times there's no ambition from Short . he should go!

12 Jul 2016 23:19:43
well chris if we can't afford Santons wages what's the point in being a premiership club when the board what's us just to finished just above the drop zone! as for Simpson I agree surely Matthews and Jones are better?

13 Jul 2016 16:59:29
Got to say Short does not seem to have learned any lessons at all from our perpetual struggle in this league. For heavens sake why not snap up Yedlin before another team does.5 million is nothing these days with the loot up for grabs from Sky.

14 Jul 2016 19:22:01
I may be being harsh on Ellis Short, after more time to digest what`s going on at the minute. I think a new manager is probably the priority here, at the moment Sam is 4 to 1 on for the England job. Bookies of course can be wrong but it is probably the reason nothing is happening at the minute, can't say I am excited by the names being mentioned as possible replacements. All this is bad for SAFC and we will struggle if it does not get sorted asap. I personally think Sam is the best manager since Peter Reid, but it ain't looking good is it?

{Ed041's Note - I agree, he has been your most competent manager for years for me. For me you need stability, maybe someone like Moyes is a good shout.

16 Jul 2016 22:23:23
wel ed Short hasn't got much expereiance in the football side of running the club and that is why we are suffering to some extent! if Big Sam goes then Short will probably pick someone that the supporters don't want!

{Ed041's Note - who would you want?

18 Jul 2016 09:47:40
Ed i'd go for Moyles as first choice mind he's turned us down before? . as for chairman i'd coax Nial Quinn as football director! . we need people with experinance.

{Ed041's Note - Moyes would be ideal for you, not really sure how much Quinn really knows.

18 Jul 2016 22:27:45
Bob. Ed. after a few days to think about things I think Ellis Short has been more than understanding with this Allardice saga. Our club can not wait around for the F. A. to decide on Sam, while he is taking thousands of pounds per day from the club. We know he wants the England job. therefor loyalty to SAFC is not his priority. With the prem kick off pretty soon it is very unfair to the Sunderland faithful, after all the terrible seasons that we have endured for years. Not one signing as yet. and loan players gone back to their clubs, no, that is not the way to treat our fans, sorry, I think these people are all the same, greedy, selfish, and care nothing but for themselves. I am not happy with Sam on this one, this is not what was promised to the fans at the end of the season!

18 Jul 2016 22:29:43
Well I know a lot of Sunderland supporters that would LOVE Nial back at the club in any capacity!

18 Jul 2016 23:54:06
Agree Niall is loved by SAFC fans, and always will be, still don't know why he left the club. As for Moyes, not sure, sacked at Man Utd and Sociadad, seems if he is not in his comfort zone, i.e. Everton he is average. I am doomed up at the moment.

20 Jul 2016 21:30:04
Well, Big Sam will be gone tomorrow, so what now. Sorry but I don't fancy Moyes, but others will not agree. I am sure there are good managers out there but does E. S. know who they are. Personally I would ask Peter Reid to come back and promise him funds this time around, and that this time he will not get spat at, just my opinion.

{Ed041's Note - for me Sunderland need stability for the next two years. Moyes might nit be the man to take you to the next couple of levels from midtable to europe but he will make you a decent PL team. You could do a lot worse.

21 Jul 2016 12:10:36
One could argue Moyes isn't perfect but he will be a similar style to Sam and consistency is what we need . and he likes using the kids which is good for the future!

21 Jul 2016 12:14:31
and Chris-s Sam left the game at Hartlepool at 9pm which was a bit of an insult to the fans I think? big problem is we are in limbo and no signings! we need to act quickly in the boardroom and in the transfer market!

26 Jul 2016 18:43:51
Everton after Kone for £15 million? if Pogs is worth £100 million than that is way underpriced! . glad he's rejected Richards! now that's a sign of a good manager!

27 Jul 2016 22:03:48
Been reading Spurs rumour page and the spurs fans are impressed with the improvement in Yedlin. Why the hell do our club dither and mess about until it's too late to sign players, this reluctance to go in and get a player is costing us big time and it's happened many times in the past. We really are getting left behind with this penny pinching.

29 Jul 2016 21:10:27
Man C 15 days time, Love to say I'm confident, but I'm not. Our team is worse than last season at the moment. Watched the games in France and quite honestly they were crap, hate being negative but that's it. Please, not another embarrassing season.

31 Jul 2016 13:00:00
Agree i'm just mystified why we aren't signing, players paticullay after the jones, Kirkkoff, defoe, Van anholt injuries! we are dragging our heals over the m, villa transfer . so is this Short withholding the funds? . he hasn't learnt from last season? time for short to own uo and tell the fans what plans he has for this club and if he hasn't he should hand over the job to someone else!

31 Jan 2016 15:49:19
Hearing Steven Fletcher to Middlesbrough for 2 million plus add ons.

Agree0 Disagree0

01 Feb 2016 08:54:17
I'm hearing he's off Marseille according to reports today.

01 Feb 2016 12:33:50
now looks like he staying. should have give Blackburn money +fletcher for rhodes.

01 Feb 2016 13:47:42
now he's off again lol.

01 Feb 2016 13:55:25
Boro are after Rhodes and McCormick they are showing more ambition than us! where on earth do they get that money from?

01 Feb 2016 19:42:16
agree with bobstokoe1973. I would take any of them two at the minute. Rhodes would have been good for us. don't think we signing anybody else according to ssn new. we are a RB down and now looks like we are even shorter on the shoddy strike force we have. graham and fletch going out is a good thing but not when we don't bring in another striker. went from shoddy strike for to nothing in my eyes. same old every year.

01 Feb 2016 23:38:40
Weve scored an own goal by letting Fletch go and no replacement .? bad management decision! what are we playing at as one thing Fletch will do is get you goals and worse still we only play one up front! no RB no Fletch replacement Boro have more ambition than us!

02 Feb 2016 08:25:20
Have I just read that right, "one thing Fletch will do is score you goals" wake up chief he's had one good season for us! Best thing to do was move him on, pointless having one of the highest earners sat on the bench! I think BSA has done a pretty good job in bringing players in to strengthen (if they can adjust to the prem that is) getting rid of all the deadwood was key! A couple of CB's, a 10 and a striker isn't bad going really! Think people need to stop being impatient because let's be honest I bet none of you have seen them play and only watched YouTube clips to find out who they are. Give them chance and see. You all might be right at the end of the day but don't jump the gun.

02 Feb 2016 19:24:39
Well Safc Fletch will or now would have scored us goals IF he was played in a normal 4-4-2 which our boss won't play! . the main problem with him was getting him fit and remember he's scored goals in the premiership before and with every team he's been with and again in a 4-4-2 system . simple! my main complaint is that he wasn't replaced! . hopefully Khasri will hit the ground running and live up to the rave reviews he's had in Europe! he looks an exciting player!

02 Feb 2016 22:23:29
Aye well enough about Fletcher he's gone now. Anyone want to share their thoughts on tonight's game?

Besides the score I personally thought we matched City all game if not better than them! Just didn't manage to convert any chances, Joe Hart was excellent mind! All the new signings were good I thought, all looked comfortable and made us look s better side! All have a bit of pace about them as well.

03 Feb 2016 00:12:32
At long last we have someone to take a wicked corner! Khasri will frighten the mags defence with his delivery! Kone class, Kirkhoff MOTM! N, doye looked unfit more to come! best part of match when YaYa Toure bounced off Kone! class!

30 Jan 2016 22:46:03
Debuchy going to Villa, this is a real shame. He would of been a quality signing.

Agree0 Disagree0

31 Jan 2016 02:08:51
Yes heard that aswell though we have offered more loan money to Arsenal which is complicating the deal! we need a right or left back so hopefully Sam has another one up his sleeve. Its also good to see us signing a goalscoring attacking midfielder at long last!

27 Jan 2016 14:42:34
Looks like kone on his way from lorient see if he makes Any difference to our back four.

Agree0 Disagree0

27 Jan 2016 17:52:12
And better still Coates looks like he's on his way to Sporting Lisbon for over £3 million! how on earth do we get that much for him lol! a great bit of business!


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